Historical View - One World Public Access TV Show Intro (1990)

Bruce Benefiel and Rodger Schnellenger explore the intersection of spirituality, consciousness, and extraterrestrial contact. The conversation is wide-ranging and covers a variety of topics related to these themes. 30 years later: One World in a New World

One of the key themes of the conversation is the idea that humanity is on the cusp of a major evolutionary shift, and that contact with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings is an important part of this shift. Benefiel and Schnellenger both believe that these beings have been interacting with humanity throughout our history, and that they have played a significant role in shaping our culture and beliefs.

The conversation also delves into the topic of consciousness, and how our understanding of consciousness is expanding as we become more aware of our connection to the universe and the beings that inhabit it. Schnellenger shares his experiences with lucid dreaming and astral projection, and how these practices have helped him connect with higher states of consciousness. Benefiel and Schnellenger also discuss the importance of spirituality in this time of global transformation.

They believe that spirituality can provide a framework for understanding our place in the universe, and that it can help us connect with our inner selves and the greater cosmic consciousness. Throughout the conversation, Benefiel and Schnellenger share their own personal experiences with extraterrestrial contact and spiritual awakening. They also offer insights and advice for individuals who are seeking to explore these topics for themselves.

Overall, the conversation between Bruce Benefiel and Rodger Schnellenger is a thought-provoking exploration of some of the most profound questions facing humanity today. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of spirituality, consciousness, and extraterrestrial contact, and provides a hopeful vision for the future of humanity as we continue to evolve and expand our understanding of the universe.

One World television show aired on cable public access in the Phoenix, Arizona area from May of 1990 to August of 1992 with over 100 shows recorded, only a few of which are on Youtube. Beyond this initial interview, the direction of the show got much more practical in probing the local scene and people across many experiential platforms.

The show's general line of questions for each guest was this:

*How do you get where you are at now; what prompted you to do what you are doing from both inner and outer perspectives?

*What fears did you encounter and, more importantly, how did you overcome them?

*How do you see that reflected in the common human experience around you now?

*How do you see that [transcending fears] reflected in the local communities, cities, states and nations of the world?

*Do you see the barriers to a global community coming down and, if so, can you cite evidence of it?

*What practical advice can you offer our audience for everyday living?

Bruce Benefiel was working as a crew member on a different Christown Lion's Club sponsored production, 'Harry the Origami Man.' The host wanted to retire and the director turned to Bruce and asked him to do a show, citing he had a large network of new age and mainstream professionals from his prior involvement in the community that would make it 'easy.' It was his secret desire to host a show, though he'd never said a word prior to the ask. One World was born.

In this, the first episode, Rodger Schnellenberger interviews Bruce on the purpose, goals and objectives for One World television show. It was a public access show, with dedicated crew of 5 to 7, depending on the night, producing 120+ shows over three years from 1990 through 1992. btw, the button says 'Create a Miracle.' The show was such for Bruce at the time. Sadly, Rodger was killed in an auto accident within a month of their marriage. Rodger was a great friend and excellent host for this first show.

Rodger also did our recap for year one when they returned for their wedding and just before his untimely passing... He is missed greatly. Discussion includes the premise of harmony among people and planet, personal perspectives and hopeful outcomes for the types of guests and material to be covered. Within the first half-dozen shows, one of the crew started calling Bruce, Zen. It stuck, evidently and everyone else on the set followed suit.

Some years later, Zen also acquired an MBA in project management, a Secondary Teaching certification and an MA in Organizational Management.

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